Monday, February 12, 2007

Big Fat Liar!!!

Our salesperson at the Brick is a liar liar liar!!!! Grrrrr! I don't mind if someone gets busy and doesn't have time to do something that they said they would. Sure I might get a little annoyed, but to downright lie about it? Unacceptable.

We purchased a couch from The Brick during boxing week and were told that it would be delivered on the 19th of January. That day came and went and we heard nothing. No big deal, we knew it would probably not arrive on time. So last week while Jim was in Quebec for a conference he got a call saying that the couch was in and they wanted to deliver it on Thrusday. I wasn't able to take the day off to sit and wait for it on such short notice, so I called to let them know that it would have to wait until Jim was back on Monday...well, had they waited for confirmation that we would be able to be home to accept the delivery? Nope! It was loaded for delivery they think that nobody works and we should be at their beck and call when the damned couch is already 3 weeks late?!! I guess so!

So I called the delivery people and told them not to come. And after an annoying round of telephone tag with our salesperson I finally got ahold of her and she said that as soon as we got off the phone she would go to customer service and arrange to have the couch delivered on Monday.

So today, being Monday, Jim took the day off work and waited for the couch to couch came... This afternoon he managed to get the salesperson on the phone and she denied ever telling me that it would be delivered today. Grrrrrr!!!! If there is one thing that annoys me in sales it is lying. And lying about things that would make me seem like I am lying. I know what she said. Why would she lie about it? Just say you screwed up, appologize, and move on.

So now the couch is not coming until Thursday.....hopefully. If there is another screw-up heads are going to roll!!!!!