Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Day started with washing a contact lens down the drain....and I'm on my way to the optometrist to have my contact lenses can only get better from here right?

Sunday, May 28, 2006


So all the crazy comments over the past little while have led me to some thinking about blogging. I'm not sure how much I will continue to post on here. I started this blog as a quick and easy way to communicate with people while I was traveling and it turned into a bit of a journal. Now I blog more for myself than for anyone else, but also it is a nice way to keep in touch with people I don't get to see as often as I would like.

Lately I am starting to question the amount of personal information just 'out there' on the internet. I HAVE chosen to put it out there, but never really thought about who is reading it. So I'll likely be cutting back on the posting a little and sticking to email a little more.....I probably won't delete my blog because of all the travel posts I did, but I'm in blogging limbo right now. Not sure how I feel about it.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Busy Busy Busy

As usual there seems to be no slowing down with the business of life. Just when I think that things will slow down for a while, something else creeps up on me.

The weekend was really good though. Yay for long weekends. It made having to work Saturday seem not all bad. Fun was had by all on the tiny little island and the canoeing was great! If I can get some pictures from Cindy soon I'll post them...she was the only one who remembered a camera.

This week has flown by with lots of hours at work getting ready for our first annual inventory at work....We're expecting some huge discrepancies, so it could be an interesting day!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Hippie Hippie Hooray!!!

Yay Hippies! Congrats! You deserved the million dollars more than all the rest!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Celeb Spotting

For the sake of writing about something OTHER than the house (though there IS some news, I just want to wait to find out a little more before I post about it) I shall share with you the excitement that happened in my store today.

I was in the backroom trying to get ready for our fast approaching inventory date next Friday when T came back and said:

T:"do you ever watch hockey?"

Me: "Well, yeah, of course I do!!"

T:"Does Kipper have a big black mark on this tooth right here?" Pointing to one of her incisors.

Me:"Uh, I dunno, he's always got a helmet on."

T: (nonchalantly) "Well I'm pretty sure he's in the store"

I bolted out onto the floor, and sure enough the guy and his wife I had walked past 5 minutes before at the pharmacy were the Kiprusoffs. Little Kipper and all. It was pretty exciting. A few of the ladies got autorgaphs and stuff. I just took a quick glance and left him alone because I didn't want to creep him out. I'm sure he'll be back because they live in DeWinton and they are all set up in our Pharmacy now.

I didn't even know he lived in the area or that he has a little boy about 2 yrs old....Interesting!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

And Now....

I will finally write a bit of an update.....

K is right. Looking for a house is what I have been up for the past few months. Of course there have been many other things keeping me busy, but whenever I have had a free moment to be online I have been looking at listings. I was hoping to be able to post a listing with a sold sign on it, but alas, there have been three different offers in as many months and all have fallen through the cracks. All very different actually, but none seemed to be as devastating as this last one was for us. It would have been affordable for us, AND the having the river right behind would have been absolutely perfect for our preferred lifestyle. Listen to me talk like I would have been living there right away. The plan is actually for Jimmie to live in whatever we buy until we get married, but we want to get into the market now since real estate in Calgary is skyrocketing with no sign of slowing down. We will find something better in other ways I know. But I just can't help hoping that the people who got the house we wanted won't be able to get their financing in order by Friday and it will hit the market again....I can't give up until it is truly a gonner!

So, some other things I have been up to:

I interviewed and was selected to join the Promotions Committee for the Calgary Stampede. So far it's just been lots of meetings and orientations and I've volunteered at one event. But I'm getting excited for the season coming up. It looks like it will be lots of fun, and Jim's sister MAW and I are doing it together and I'm really excited for the extra time I will get to spend with her.

I've been to two concerts: Rob Thomas and of course the OLP concert I blogged about last week. I'm not usually much of a concert goer, but Cate has invited me to the last few and I've really enjoyed myself. I'll have to take her up on more invites since she goes to lots!

On Friday I went to Stars on Ice with MAW and Jim's mom. It was so exciting to see some of my old favourites like Elvis, and Todd Eldridge.....and Kurt Browning in pleather pants. It's funny that such a nerdy looking guy can pull off pleather pants but he wore them well and I think that any man who can pull off the moves that man can in pleather, all the power to him!!

Of course Mom turned 50, so we had a party for her on the weekend. And I had the big 2-4 a while back so there have been lots of festivities over the past few weeks. I had a little shindig at Cat and Fiddle...come on, where else?? And it was lots of fun. Jimmie partied harder that EVERYBODY else of course, and I had to break in to the bathroom at his house in the middle of the night to make sure he was alive.....

Soccer season has started up again and I'm excited because I think that we'll have a good season. We have a few new players who seem quite good and are lots of fun so far. The first game is this weekend, but I will be missing it to head up to Edmonton for a meeting with Jess and her bridal party...we have some dress shopping to do!! Who knows though? I think there is snow in the forecast for the weekend so maybe my game will be postponed and I won't have to miss it.....we'll see!

Alright, I'm sure that there are many more things I could add to this update, because I've been crazy busy, but that's all you get for now. I have to head out and meet Jimmie for some's his birthday tomorrow and I have to work so I figured I'd better do a little celebrating today!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Happy 50th Birthday Mom!

She was one of the last of her girlfriends to turn 50 and she STILL didn't expect it! Ah, the neighbours have already taken pictures!!!


Monday, May 01, 2006

The World's A Subway

Just got home from the Our Lady Peace concert and I'm way too wound up to go to bed. What a freakin amazing concert. I've never seen a band perform who appreciates their fans so much. It was super cool.

The concert was at the newly renovated Jube which is much more intimate now and every seat in the house is a great one. Raine Maida and the rest of the guys put on a fantastic show. About halfway through he pointed at the people on the floor at the far right side of the stage and said "hey you guys, come with me" and took them through the side doors and onto the stage. He set them up behind the band and let them stay up on stage for the rest of the show. So cool. The people who got to go up there were going crazy. He also wandered around the audience a lot. Came up onto the balcony and sang a song, and singled out some young boys in the crowd who were there with their parents and went and sang a song with them. It was freakin awesome! They even gave us updates on the Flames game...which I heard the end of on the radio in my Ah well, I guess we'll just have to beat em on our own turf in game 7! And then on to beat the Oilers!!!