Thursday, January 26, 2006


In response to your question Peter.....yes I do have a boyfriend, his name is Jimmie and we've been together about 3 years. Here are a few pictures of him:

Hehe....I almost peed my pants when I saw him in that chicken suit at Halloween!

I hate whiners

And man, did we have to deal with a lot of them on the soccer field tonight! I even got a talking to from the ref!

It was funny though, I took out a girl twice my size in what I think was a perfectly clean play, and she swore and made a huge scene so he felt like he had to say something to me.....guess what my lecture consisted of? "Well she's injured (she was wearing a bionic knee brace) so anything you do she's going to embellish." So I'm still not sure why they got a free kick because he obviously thought she was a big drama queen, but it shut her up for a while until the next whatever. In the end we won 1-0, so yea for us!

I don't have much else to say but my blood's still pumping with adrenaline from the soccer game so I can't go to bed yet...these late games suck!

Sunday, January 22, 2006

4 things

I saw this on someone else's blog this morning, and I liked it. A nice twist on all those surveys I used to fill out when I was procrastinating during university....

4 Jobs You Have Had in Your Life

1. Waitress (retirement home, BP's and the Kilt and Caber)
2. Maintenance worker on a Golf course
3. Teacher/mom/computer room supervisor to my kids in Honduras
4. Assistant Front Store Mgr at Shoppers

4 Movies You Would Watch Over and Over
This one is hard because I LOVE movies and will surely think of another 4 as soon as I post this.

1. City of God
2. Bad Boys
3. Y tu Mama Tambien
4. The Whole 9 Yards

Places You Have Lived

1. Calgary, Alberta
2. Tegucigalpa, Honduras
3. Lima, Peru
4. Spruce Grove, Alberta (but only for 6 weeks...does that count??)

4 TV Shows You Love to Watch

1. CSI- Just the Vegas one
2. Las Vegas (is there a theme here?)
3. The Amazing Race
4. Any movies that happen to be on

4 Places You Have Been on Vacation
I'll just name the countries because there are too many specific places....I live to travel!

1. My first big trip was Germany and Switzerland
2. The next was Japan
3. Then Holland, England and France
4. Then Honduras (not really vacation, but I traveled around) and Guatemala
5. Then I lived in Peru, but traveled around there a bit too.
6. A few months ago Mom and I went backpacking in Panama and Costa Rica
7. And Mexico...but I barely saw the i have lots more to see there!!

I know it's supposed to be 4, but how could I choose? And many would think, wow, that girl's been everywhere!! But I look at that list and there are so many more places to visit!!

4 Websites You Visit Daily

1. Here obviously
2. My email
3. Lots of blogs, including the one's on my link list and more

4 Favorite Foods

1. sushi
2. pasta
3. salsa
4. fresh fruit

4 Places You Would Rather Be Right Now

This one's pretty tough....I'm pretty content as home right now...I don't get to do this much
1. On a beach....preferably one of the less crowded ones Mom and I found in Panama or Costa Rica
2. Skiing at Kickinghorse
3. My Cabin....which is strange because I could have gone there this I can't say I'd rather be there, just another place I wouldn't mind being.
4. Somewhere outside the city and surrounded by nature....if it was summer I'd say picklejar lakes.

4 People You Tag to complete this

2. Hez
3. Peter because you're the only other person I know actually reads this.....
4. Anyone else who actually looks at this!!

Saturday, January 21, 2006


I did it!! I guess I just needed to revisit it with a little more patience.... I will master this html terror if it's the last thing I do!!


Lazy Saturday

And I give up! Is my attention span really that short you ask? Why yes, it is! I just spent all of 15 minutes trying to add links to my blog and I couldn't get it to work...even following what seemed to be simple enough instructions on the help page...grrrr.

So now it's time to continue my completely unproductive day...I'm allowed right? It's my one day couch time is just a necessity. And a long bath...and a good book....or maybe a trashy book....not really trashy but a la shopaholic style, just not quite that bad. Oh who am I kidding? I don't need to justify my reading choices. I'm a big girl and if I want to read something completely un-intelectual then I will...besides, I have to wait until MAW is finished reading the 4th Harry Potter book to her grade 5 class before I can continue with that literary genius, so off I go to read "The 'EX' Files"!

Friday, January 20, 2006


It has been a freakin' long time since I've written in here...i wonder if anyone is even still checking my blog for updates....I'll try to be better I promise!

I guess some bulet points would be the easiest (and least boring) way to catch up.

*Brad came home from New York for the Holidays, and it was fun to have him here. Mom was especially happy to have her whole family in the house for a month!

* Christmas was great this year although a little rushed because I had to be back in Calgary for work on Boxing Day. I was able to see most of the people I look forward to seeing every year, and the family celebrations were joyful and fun. Some highlights were: that Grandpa is home from the hospital and was able to make it on Christmas Eve, Greame forgave me for forgetting half of his gift in Calgary..., I got to have a lot of cousin time, which (sortof) made up for missing the Boxing Day cousin time, Midnight Mass was fun and full of giggles as usual, the Christmas day celebrations were bigger than ever with lots of new additions to the usual group, our crazy gift exchange was loads of fun, and many particiapted in the stealing of gifts and choosing new ones. And over all I felt extremely loved and blessed to have such a wonderful family to Celebrate the holidays with.

*New Years was a little bit less than thrilling, I worked LOTS in the week leading up to it and until midnight on New Years, so there were no festivities for me, but who can complain with all the holidays I've had lately, and it was nice not to have to make many of my staff work it.

*New Years Day, on the other hand was pretty good. Other than the bout of flu I was fighting off (rather unsuccessfully) I had a great day. As per tradition, we spent the afternoon/evening at the Green's house with our 'Calgary family' and Sue cooked up an awesome meal for us all to share and us "Kids" played games all night. Fun fun fun.

* A few days after New Years, on January 3rd we took off to Mexico!! I know, can you believe the amount of travelling I packed into 2 months? I can't. It was lots of fun, we were a group of 14 including my family and 3 others, and there was never any shortage of people to have a drink with! I've never stayed in a resort before, and though I had a few reservations (like the fact that the only Mexicans I met were serving us....and that people looked SO shocked if I spoke Spanish to their own country where the spoken language is Spanish....) I really did enjoy myslef. Who can complain about sun and sand?? Not me!

* Since then I have been working lots and have come to the conclusion that I really like my job. It's been 3 months now and I'm so glad that I made the move. A deskjob was just not for me I guess! Here I am learning loads and it is constantly changing, I work with great people and we do a lot of laughing and generally enjoying each other's company. I had to stay home a few days (still fighting that silly flu/turned cold that won't go away) and I really missed being there.

* Jimmie was in Miami on a conference for work when I got home from Mexico and I missed him lots! Our travels seemed to do a poor job of overlapping each other in these past few months, and I'm glad we're both home and will be for a while. We really need to start travelling together!

Ok I think that's a good sum-up....much much more has happened in the last little while, but those are the highlights!