Friday, March 24, 2006


Once in a while as I drive out through the countryside to work I lose myself in thought. For the past few days it has been about water. I know that we all know how essential it is, but do we really appreciate it as much as we should? It's been a few months since I've been anywhere where the water is scarce and what flows out of the tap is far from drinkable. And it's been years since I experienced the days of '3 days on 4 days off' with water in the peak of the dry season in Honduras.

Because we're so spoiled with the abundance of water in Canada I don't really think of it on a day to day basis, but this film has made me think this week. Jim and I saw it a few months ago when it was playing at the Globe. And now it has reached the top 10 at blockbuster and some friends rented it earlier in the week and invited us to watch it with them. It was just as good the second time as the first. You'll have to watch it to see for yourself, but I would vote it as one of the best films I've ever seen. The subject, the writing, the cinematography, everything. It really moved me.

Also in the news this week is the fact that 76 first nations communities in Canada are under a boil water alert. The water supply in two thirds of first Nations communities is considered to be "at risk". I could rant for days about the status of First Nations Peoples in Canada, but suffice to say that these numbers appall me and that I hope the improvements made in the past few years will lead to more attention and action in this situation.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

It's winter in the shire

My aunt and uncle live in a part of Spruce Grove called Stoneshire and I love coming here so much that it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling every time I start to get close to their house....and whenever I see the Stoneshire sign I can't help but giggle because it is so similar to the way that those hobbits feel about the shire. Huge nerd, I know.

It's a little crazy to come up here in the winter when there's practically no snow in Calgary and just 3 hours north it looks like the dead of winter. It's been snowing since I got here. Really makes me want to go skiing. But there are more important things to be done today. Like breakfast with Jess' bridesmaids and wedding shopping. Yay!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

4 times in one day!

Yep that's right 4 times. Driving out to my store that is. Yesterday was a REALLY long day!

The first extra trip was to go meet Jimmie to look at a house - potentially very exciting - but it turned out to be a bit of a dump to I was really disappointed....not really worth an hour and a half in the car that's for sure. But I did get to hang out with Jim briefly mid-day so that was nice. ;o)

To make up for leaving in the middle of the day I stayed for a few extra hours and then went home to feed my mom. Hehe...she would hate that I put it that way, but that's really what I did. I was home long enough to get her some dinner and left to go eat Kirsten's cooking which is WAY better than mine. Tuesday night dinner was lots of fun even though I was late. I learned how to play Settlers. So nerdy, I love it.

As I was driving away from her house, thinking about how exciting it would be to catch up on my sleep with a nice early night and a sleep in the next morning, I checked my voicemail to find the first message about crisis #1 for the evening. No supervisor to open the store the next morning. Shit. I sure didn't want to have to get up at 6 to go do it. 5 phone calls and very little bargaining later. I found someone willing to go in early and open. Crisis averted.

So I went home watched a little TV, read a little Harry Potter and drifted off into dreamland....only to be awoken at 10 past 12 with crisis # 2. My night supervisor on the phone telling me that the pharmacist (usually responsible for the locking of store) was a relief pharmacist and he left without locking

Out of bed I get, pull on some clothes and head out the door. Although very groggy from being woken up minutes before, I had the brains to take the car with heated seats to make the 20 minute drive out of the city a little more pleasant.

At about quarter to 1 I arrived at the store, a little miffed at the lack of planning on our owners part (he schedules the Rx staff), but generally in good spirits considering....only to walk up to the door, meet the two night staff who were waiting for me and key to the store is on MY key ring not the ring to the car I drove out there. Damn. Guess I wasn't really all that awake when I left the house. So now I had to drive all the way back into the city and out to Okotoks again....swearing at myself the whole way....grrrrr....sometimes I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed!

Sunday, March 12, 2006

The's gone so quickly

Grrr....I'm extremely angry at myself because I'm second guessing myself on the it's vs its grammar rules! I even gave a presentation on it in English 30AP because simple grammar mistakes like that drive me crazy...and now I can't remember it at all! Bah, I'm sure that the grammar police will correct me. K put down that red wine or you'll be forced to do it!

Anyway I can't believe the weekend has gone so fast. I guess I really only had one day off so that could add to the speed with which it flew by. Although it went by fast, I had a nice weekend.

Jim and Buck Sr cooked up a Moroccan feast for Cindy and I last night and it was excellent. I think the plan was that the 4 of us would cook together like we used to do sometimes when Jim lived with Buck, but instead Cindy and I let the boys go to town and we drank wine and chatted like girls do best. It was nice to catch up with Cindy since I haven't seen her in a while and I managed make myself switch to white wine after 2 glasses of red wine so things didn't get too messy....though I DID still manage to break a wine glass. It wasn't my fault really, I got excited after a big poker hand and my elbow got a little out of control.....oops! The night ended with a trip to the pub where Jim and I met up with a few other friends for a nightcap. Good times were had by all.

Today I had a well deserved sleep in and then a Sushi takeout feast for lunch. It was awesome and as always we ordered way too much. I think it took us 2 periods of the Flames game to eat and I still had to give my leftovers to Evan. After a poor showing by our beloved Flames, Jim Evan, Brian and I made our way down to Kensington for a cupcake feast at Crave and then we checked out the Oolong Teahouse. I was in heaven there. There were dozens of types and flavours of tea and I got to make my selection by smell. Does it really get much better than that? 'Hmmmm.....this one smell best today, I'll take it.' I had a Mint Mate. So tasty and so good for me. I think that I will end up frequenting that place!

I finished off my relaxing day by turning it up a notch for my second last soccer game of the was a tad frustrating as we ended up tying the last team in the league. Boo. We just couldn't put the ball in the net and the goal that they scored with 2 minutes left to tie it up was a beauty, I must admit. Top left corner off a free kick. Their centre forward did a perfect job of screening our keeper and she never had a chance. Oh well, we have our last game on Thursday and its against the team we're currently tied for third with so we can still hold our position.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Again courtesy of Curly

For all you Simpsons lovers...this is pretty cool!

Friday, March 10, 2006

What a sexy bride!

Since Jim STILL hasn't sent me our pictures from K & J's wedding I haven't had a chance to post any yet, but here's a good one that Julia sent me....ah, K you are so beautiful! I love that you were just glowing all day....well all week really. It makes me happy to see you so happy!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Too. Many. Mini. Eggs.

I have spent the past three days setting up our easter stock and am SO CLOSE to being done. It looks really good too if I do say so myself. It's really like a big puzzle...without a picture on a box to tell me where it all goes. 7 Palets of stock come in the back door and has to fit out with some semblance of order...not as easy as one might think!

One of many many boxes I opened today was of family sized bags of mini-eggs....and more than half of the bags on the box weren't sealed since I couldn't sell them I decided that I should eat a few....or a whole bag.....I have a tummy ache!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Ah Kickinghorse...

I started writing a description of my weekend but I was boring myself and I'm too tired tonight so I erased it.

Long story short:

-Won soccer game on Friday night. Yea!
-Watched two friends say goodbye to a loved one in a beautiful but very sad ceremony on saturday afternoon. My heart is still aching for them.
-Cate and I met Jimmie and Buck Sr in Golden at Packers Inn and Pub. High class establishment.
-Didn't get to satisfy my craving for Lasagne from the greek place (very greek I know) because it was full.
-Had some Chinese food and some drinks.
-Watched the Flames beat San Jose 2-1
-Stayed up watching movies on TV with Cate because our room at packers was situated RIGHT over the dancefloor downstairs in the pub/nightclub and the music was so loud our walls were shaking.
--> somehow the boys had a MUCH quieter room
-got in a good day of skiing today. I fear I'm becoming a snow snob as the snow wasn't too bad today but I was pretty disappointed after how awesome it has been in the past.
-visited mom in the hospital and had a nice chat with her. She might be getting out tomorrow so she's pretty excited!

Now its time to crawl into bed and read a little goblet of fire. I have to finish it to I can go see the movie before its out of theatres!

Friday, March 03, 2006

I should work in Radio

Check out this link...courtesy of Curly, who has me convinced that his job as a radio producer is the best ever because he seems to have endless amounts of time to surf the net.

Maybe it's because I'm a huge nerd, but I think that's one of the coolest commercials I've ever seen!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Say a Little Prayer

Mom's going under the knife at about 1pm today for a total knee replacement, please keep her in your thoughts and prayers today and in the coming weeks for a safe surgery and a speedy recovery with her shiny new bionic knee!

Brad, we're still waiting for you to arrive home to take care of did such a great job last time when she had her first knee surgery!!! ;o)