Wednesday, November 12, 2008

MOM here they are

The unique two-drawer design of the KitchenAid® Drawer Dishwasher allows you the ability to run small loads as often as needed without wasting energy. Extensive features give you numerous cycle options, including the ProDry™ Feature that activates a fan at the end of the cycle to assure dry dishes..Features Include:
Hard food disposer grinds down food particles, eliminating the need for prerinsing and cleaning the bottom of the dishwasher
Pro Wash™ Bar supplements wash arms for additional cleaning performance
ProDry™ Feature circulates air at the end of the cycle to assure dry dishes
Enhanced rack system with flexible, removable tines and a cup shelf help ensure easy loading and thorough cleaning of every dish
Whisper Quiet® Sound Insulation System quietly cleans dishes
Sensor Wash option automatically adjusts temperature and cycle time according to soil level
Sure-Hold® Small Items Mesh Bag secures small or lightweight items during cycle
NSF® certified when using the Sani Rinse option, sanitizing 99.9% of bacteria Approximate Overall Dimensions:
23 3/8"
24"Before install, consult installation instructions packed with product/kit for current dimensions. Delivery Note: This item ships via standard delivery. White glove delivery is only available on a dishwasher if ordered with other major appliances that are shipped white glove.